Saturday, July 26, 2014

Brokeback Bish

Bish was on cam this morning fighting with her chair, door and other furniture around her room.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Battlecam Killed BongTV and other stories =P

Bong Rip, who has incidentally been a BC member since the early days, knew full well the cheeky habits of hard-core BC trolls and Alki David, the biggest troll of them all, and now after 6+ years using the technology he invented to bring other pot heads on adventures with him, has had to rethink his show as previously reported here. No more 4:20 pm to 4:20 am/7 days a week. He will do shows when he feels like it but will carry on with Bum Beach Thursdays and rehearsals with his band. More here:
It's been frustrating for some of his fans coming to his channel expecting Bong to be casting, but he's getting a kick out of his reverse-troll - playing videos of previous episodes, chatters addressing the host who's not really on cam - Bong's lurking off cam, and nearly busting a gut laughing at their confusion. Good one, Bongy. ^5

The last time I watched his new show was a week or so ago when he took us to a park to huff his G Pen and play on the monkey bars.

In other Battlecam news, there isn't anything worth blogging, that I have seen. I don't watch the garbage on BC Main and not a single anon has emailed me with any "breaking news". Not one. Maybe I should take that as a subtle hint, but I'm too thick, full of myself and stubborn for that bull shit. 

As far as I know, BC's once #1 broadcasting talent has been taking a break from performing her live web cam art ...
... and Scott77 has been quiet lately as well (based on my Twitter followers being too lazy and/or inconsiderate of my obsession to tweet me when Scott goes live, if only for a moment). Do not tell me these people have found lives and better things to do than entertain me. I'm not having it.

Until the blog owner or one of the other authors posts something noteworthy here, check out the other blogs listed on this page and The Cesspool for Vaughn shenanigans, but that's all from me for now, folks.
Regards to Mac. Play nice. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RIP Mama (Re) D (acted)

I'm not back but figured this deserved mention on the blog. Jimmy Derzko's mom has passed away according to his Facebook. RIP Mama D, thanks for all the memories and good times on cam. You'll be missed.

**UPDATE** - Whoops. Jumped the gun by a bit. Mama D is still around but is in the hospital and not doing so well, as Jimmy later clarifies on his Facebook.