Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Doctor is Out

I'm kind of hung over myself and ended up missing a classic return to form from Dr. Scott late last night, but apparently he was banning people left and right in a very inebriated Fatti Miami's channel for such egregious infractions like asking why he went and zapped another chatter in the channel. One thing led to another and Scotty got unmodded, and I'm sure you can guess how far down the slippery slope things spiraled from there. That's right, straight to the most brilliant "Twatter" account "every" , created !

And now, some stream of consciousness thoughts:

You internet terrorists just don't get it do you? This is a man's life, his very non-sexual livelihood that's hanging in the balance here. Stop fucking fucking with him for fuck's sake!

Drink up, Mariana, so the pain will go away and maybe Uncle Scott can coerce you into making your granny panties go away too. For the express purpose of admiring your naked beauty in a totally platonic, non-sexual way of course.

Get your minds out of the gutter, people. Scott doesn't have those types of sinful urges anymore, no matter how much time he spends on My Free Cams watching one 21 year old cam ho bang another 21 year old cam ho up the ass with a barbed wire baseball bat. So stop trying to make him into something he's not already, okay?

Credit ThirdHole, TopCat, Prefect, and DFW for the related gifs and pics below.

As Prefect mentions below, "Scottt" (3 T's) couldn't have been too hurt by the loss of one of his few remaining Seventology Angels since he went right to work trying to recruit a replacement for the lost loins of his beloved chicken-head. Says a lot that one could easily see the real Saint Seven doing something like this after his harrowing experiences earlier in the night.

**UPDATE** - And the Twatter beat goes on. When oh when will people stop misunderstanding Scotty's intentions and let the shining light of Seventology bask them in the glow of Scooter's irrefutable "Troof"? It's all there for the taking, ladies ages 17 to 24. You just have to be willing to open your heart, mind, and legs and let Dr. Scott's pathology into your life.

BTW, I would say that making an Anne sock puppet and hanging it from a noose to impress a few girls young enough to be his daughter a few days after she died would maybe be slightly disrespectful and kind of in poor taste. But what do I know?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Battlecam`s Top 25 Shittiest Casters

Gary Busey for President was on main the other day showing off "Alki's" latest top 25 list. The list was Top 25 shittiest casters. Here we goooo!

AlexXx8 was #1

  1. AlexXx8
  2. Seneorwingman
  3. dabibsta
  4. TeamWeEe
  5. HuShStiffs
  6. realjustin
  7. OnlineDatingPimp
  8. King_Of_Battlecam (Coinbox Mike)
  10. Paquet90
  11. HonestAndFrank
  13. Michaeldean
  14. DAIMER
  16. Skunk5
  17. bra_sky_fire
  18. Super_Marijuanaio
  19. druugah
  20. Sh-ShabbaSchweep
  21. Mike_The_Cannon
  22. fattoothless
  23. Messi
  25. ckurtis
Here is a link to the archive if you want to watch it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Point Taken

Fair enough. Wouldn't want to upset any hypocrites with a molly bug up their ass when it comes to people remembering Anne. Besides, I wouldn't want to get sued by someone in a non-sexual way for not giving them 100% of the focus of a post that they so richly deserve and crave. Also, there's a pretty good Scooter rage towards the end of this clip as well, so might as well include that in the festivities. Enjoy the vids while you're crawling around amongst the filth on the floor of your bathroom in a pool of your own vomit and menopause fluids in a LSD induced haze. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.

Powered by the unyielding spirit of sweet black baby Jebus, here's another video just uploaded by DFW, once again showing that Scott is the most brilliant man on the face of the planet. Too bad he hasn't cracked The Secret of good taste yet though.

And here we go. Good job tweeting the Google Chrome browser Twitter account regarding your unsubstantiated claims against this blog, Scott. Besides, it's not slander when you can easily back up what you're saying, dipshit. You know what - fuck it. Next time Tricepbrah sexually harasses you via PM asking to juggle your one nut in his talented mouth, try Tweeting WebTV with your complaints. You should get about as far as these recent displays of your idiocy will get you.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

RIP Anneurysm

Gonna make this short, as I'm not really sure how to approach this. Found out earlier today through an extremely reliable source close to the situation that Battlecam's Anneurysm passed away this past Monday, October 6th. I've seen enough proof to believe this is 100% legit, but as it's sensitive material and her family is understandably grieving at this time and is aware of her webcam hobby, I'm going to pass on posting it in the interest of good taste.

Whether you loved Anne or loved to troll her, she did have a good heart deep down and was a pretty cool person that I feel fortunate enough to have gotten to know even in the limited capacity of the social cam websites. She could be incredibly feisty at times and a good conversation at others, meaning she fit right in with all the other unique personalities that frequent this crazy little niche hobby of ours called social casting. Bottom line, she'll be missed and it's unspeakably sad that she passed away so young. Thanks for all the fun times on cam, the Clockwork Orange tribute, the conspiracy theory videos, and everything else she was involved in.

Condolences to Anne's family and friends, online and off. RIP.

**UPDATE** - 10/10/14 - Zolar spoke to Anne's mother yesterday, confirming the news of her daughter's passing. Here's the clip:


That was the name of Anne’s room.  Then a few weeks later it changed to “Open”.  There just are no circles in squares or so they tell me.  3 suicides, a dead cat and a Jeff Buckley song.  That’s why.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Paquet Screenshot Article for the last 2-3 months

so i cant take screenshots with lightshot pro anymore so all these screenshots were not taken by me so if anyone knows of a great google chrome add on screenshot program please comment below enjoy

Online Beggars 
Deen Father wanted to see bish naked 
Righttt Chair 
Ugly Troll

Thursday, October 2, 2014

To Catch Some Yeti Swag

When he's not landing himself in the hospital after getting beaten over his Cro-Magnon noggin with a 16 inch purple beast nicknamed The Penetrator, Real Justin is teaming up with none other than Haskel for a bold new YouTube series titled "Real Justin: To Catch a Predator". One can only imagine that this masterpiece is only slightly more useful to society than the umpteenth cat-suffering-from-hemorrhoids vid floating around YouTube. But that might be giving Justin and his hairy, diminutive sidekick a bit too much credit. The grisly details follow below.

Guess who also chimed in and put Chef's J and H on notice with some unmatched mental acuity? Game, set, and match, fellas. You just got told.