Friday, April 18, 2014

Call The Paddy Wagon

OG Mike strikes again, resulting in the calling of a sect of mounties who specialize in cracking down on dishwashing, rapping boss dwarfs. Or was it the Coinbox? Mike could be a little too preoccupied being stoned out of his mind on bath salts at the moment, judging by his last few on-cam appearances. Perhaps all of these pizza and Thai ladyboy deliveries are just the result of Drunkman Shawn's overactive, ratwater piss booze infused imagination. Geez, next thing you know Shawn will be rolling cigs, hacking up three quarters of a lung, and making up some weird fantasy relationship with a woman who lives 2,000 miles away from him and that he's never met. Er, sorry Demi, Sarah, Nikki, Jjustice83, et al. My bad.

Credit DFW and Troll Trackers for the vids.

Bunnyman Shawn chop courtesy Lurkers Anonymous.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

7 Days on the Wagon!

Scratch that. And soaring off that red Radio Flyer he goes, back to fun filled adventures on the vomit-o-tron! Hey, it's Friday somewhere, right? Perfect time to get hammered with Drunkman Shawn!

Chop courtesy Lurkers Anonymous.


More fun with the Drunkman! Shawn doxes some dude, threatens him, then goes and doxes himself like the shitfaced buffoon that he is, all in an attempt to impress that handsome testosterone junkie known as Sarah 6'2. After striking out with Kittyclaws and Nikki, can Shawn finally get something other than his brain wet with Sarah? Stay tuned.

Thanks to Troll Trackers for the video.

A Brief History of Christ

Next up on The Wormhole - Natasha, moonlighting on My Free Cams and zonked out of mind on meth, discusses the true history of Jesus Christ and organized religion. I think. She was talking a mile a minute here, so it was tough to tell. She also might have mentioned something about aliens from Planet "CPS" coming to snatch her baby away from her, wherever that is. Ah, if only she hadn't already given birth and fast approaching her 30's, she would make the perfect recruit for the uncover stripper sect of Seventology in their quest to overthrow the Catholic Church. Alas, now it can never be.

Just be glad you got out when you did, Justin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Evening Update

Couple of quick hits and misses....mostly misses....from around the cam sites this evening:


- Starting off with a video that's been making the rounds around the blogs today. That dirty old bastard from Yawn and BlogTV, Von Helton, got all bent out of shape during a Google Hangout meetup a few days back. I don't know much about Von Helton but I do know a good rage when I see one. And yet still, I'll take Von Helton over (Ginger) Von Trapp any day of the week. As would ODP, T-rex style.


- Look who's made the jump from FilmOn over to Livestream and right down herpes cold sores lane. Wait, Livestream? That thing still exists? Jesus, what is this, 2008? If ever a woman worked hard for her money, it would be Alli Arigato. I can't think of many worse fates than having to swap spit with Andy Dick. Well, maybe being locked in the same room as Croft for 5 minutes and having to listen to him do his Swiss yodeling impression. Nah, fuck it. Making out with Dickcheese would be more brutal than even that nightmare.

Just think, Toxic - that could have been YOU in Andy's stripper boots getting it on with Alli in the most awkward of moments while secretly glancing at the dude to the right of her.


- Well, well, well. Look who got paid what he was owed today. And thus ends yet another thrilling chapter in the never-ending saga of everyone's favorite daytime soap opera, "How Long Will Alki Dick Around Before Paying Up This Time?" Always good for shits and giggles, and some angering up of the blood.


- Today's feature presentation in our year long Whoredawg remembrance celebration brings us this little diddy from November 2012. Tommy and his sunshine must have been on one of their infamous open relationship breaks judging by the grabby hands that Vikki developed after the 6 minute mark of the video. Check out Bubba's face at the close of the vid, like he realizes with no liquor bottle within arms reach that there's no escape from this assault. Worth the price of admission alone!


The BC Midgetz. On World Star Hip Hop. That's all you need to know.

Thanks to Misc for notifying the Shoutbox about this latest masterpiece from the Twinz.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have a Stiff One

Stiffs is out to set the record straight about his now-legendary E-romance with Anna Williams and no amount of poking and prodding from Harry Balzac is going to get him to give up the ghost on recapturing the heart of his lost love. Straighter than the lines on his Abdullah The Butcher looking forehead anyway. Yeesh, that's getting kind of gruesome looking lately. However, all that said, I still can't tell if Stiffs is in love with Anna or if he's actually in love with Harry. Maybe both? Those roly poly IE gangbangers sure are a kinky sort, so it's probably the latter.


A poor, unsuspecting wife  got one hell of a wake up call this morning, when an intoxicated Sarahsixtwo called with threats of violence and murder.  One of her mods had called, claiming he was coming to party, tempting her with various drugs and alcohol, thinking he was in for a good time.  Sarah was obviously not in the mood, as she waited for his arrival equipped with a knife, gun and taser.  Let this be a lesson to all you nerdy virgins out there, these women want your praise and adoration, not your D’s. 

(sorry about the pops, Im new what is this?)

What better thing to do after a night of drinking and spam calling an innocent woman then call the cops for advice!

Just thought Id add something for the lovely ladies out there, and Paquet.  Moonboots did his big weigh in tonight, leaving just enough room for the imagination.  A paper plate that would make any warm blooded yeti, green with envy.

Dance Sociopaths Dance

Quick post on this rainy afternoon here on the East Coast, featuring everyone's lying sack of hypochondriac shit. From the email I received:

"yeah so i was lurking inmate jenny's channel where tinaweezerface was regaling jen with tales of her own sickness and poverty ... after his cast nate (probably looking for roco, who he'd banned earlier from his channel) the great comes in and tina confronts him about nate banning tina from his channel the other day (for suspicious and trolly-like behaviour). nothing is really resolved to that regard and then the convo on vikki comes up, 2 differing opinions, neither based on any sort of psychic energy (psychotic, maybe)"

My own two cents on this matter - how is Tina still around on Yawn? Weren't her nets supposed to be cut off due to not being able to afford paying the electric bill, or was that yet another in a long line of Skeezer Schemes put out there in order to finagle donations out of the poor, unsuspecting fools on Yawn who are so very eager to throw their money at every scam artist on the site? See the last screencap for more on that BS.