Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's that time folks

<------  Wow! What a fantasy!

We've seen her say this a few times.  Must be something to it...

                  <-----      Traditional French Canadian greeting

<--- Homo-erotic raves

<--- 100 dollars in tokens for the bullcam, I presume.

<--- Silly! Make up your mind

<--- So fucking HOT
     <--- STD's abound.

Where do you start with that guy.    ^^^

...to be continued

Monday, September 1, 2014


Thanks for ruining Scotty's entire decade with this shameful act of internet terrorism, Luke Boy. Hope you're proud of yourself. Now he'll never lure Ashley Judd into his non-sexual polygamy camp for wayward celebrities and internet porn stars in the remnants of Ariel Castro's chamber of horrors down in delightful Dayton, Ohio, because of your selfish actions. Way to go. Next time please think of the sexually flustrated one balled modern day messiah's amongst us on the internet, okay? Do you really want to deprive My Free Cams vixens between the ages of 18 and 24, and Oprah, of all those delicious secrets Scotty is hiding inside his brilliant, bald skull for the sake of a few laughs? It's not worth it, bro. It's just not worth it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Watashitachi wa mada jōburakku ga itte iru ka wakaranaiga, okage de, ikutsu ka no atarashī gijutsu ni watashitachiha ima, kare wa kangaete iru ka shitte iru.

We still don’t know what Joe Black is saying, but thanks to some NEW technology we now know what he’s thinking.

(Bullcam: Maishū suiyōbi no yoru 8-ji PST) Frogtech, T 2 oyobi sutōmu kara ikutsu ka no tasuke o karite Deibisu, watashitachiha, seigen-ha no ōbārei to no tokubetsuna M 15 kondensākondensa o mochiite nō no ribāsuenjiniaringu o suru koto ga dekimashitashi, bōrubearingu o motsu hādowaiyākyuuri (tōsai soreha, korera no hi bearingu subete tama)desu.

With some help from Frogtech, T2 and Storm (Bullcam: Every Wednesday Night 8PM PST) Davis, we were able to reverse engineer the brain using a special M15 condenser capacitor  (no flux) with a sine wave overlay and powered by a hard wired cucumber with ball bearings (It’s all ball bearing these days).

Watashitachi ga hakken suru koto wa hijō ni omoshirokatta, mitekudasai.

What we found was quite fascinating, have a look.

Kinjitsu: Battlecam-jō no jō· burakkushō

Coming Soon: The Joe Black Show on Battlecam

さようなら 後でのHOMO
Sayōnara Atode no homo

Later homo sapiens,


Breakin' Tits

Some new chick MissAmanda131 was on http://breakers.tv/breakswitykayla trying to sell spots to get a card break going. She got so desperate she offered to random off her dress, panties and a private show to anyone who bought a box. Some guy came in a bought a whole box while a couple of people bought spots for $17.50 and never received shit. The guy who bought the whole box got the private show, but someone guessed the password and everyone got to see it! The poor guy who bought the box will receive damaged cards since she was throwing, dropping and shuffling them up like playing cards. At the end of the video she passes out while her pimp tries waking her up to shut her cast off. Follow her on twitter to find out when her next breakin' tits cast will be https://twitter.com/MissAmanda131
Skip to 9:01 to see dem tits

Here is a link to download the video https://www.sendspace.com/file/abf1jk



Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Angel called VD

I thought Verbal deserved a little bit more effort, so here it goes.

This is the story of the Angel called VD. VD you ask, venereal disease? Oh yes, yes that, you can pick up herpes simplex #9 by eating sushi out of the bunghole of a Tiawanese hooker. Just one little piece of information out of a plethora of useless information that  you might pick up from Verbal (aka. King Troll, Head Troll of the ShoutBox, Leader of all Free Trolls in North America, Diarrhea King, Pepto Verbal, and so many others that I run the risk of making a post to long by mentioning them). 

Back to the story...

So, one day this beautiful Angel from heaven, the metaphysical equivalent of sweetness in the air, took this fall to earth. He landed on the outskirts of Toronto with no money, no food, no internet, nothing. The Angel took the armor of his broken wings and sold them at a local pawn shop for $30 and a box of rubbers (rubber bands that is). This recent fallen angels first instinct was to take the rubber bands up to a high rooftop building and shout shit at people as they passed on the street below, pelting the poor pedestrians as they passed. The maintenance engineer of the building soon found him, on the rooftop crying in misery. Screaming, "THE HUMAN EXISTENCE IS A FAIL, THE HUMAN EXISTENCE IS A FAIL!!!!" The maintenance engineer took him in, he clothed him, he feed him, he taught him how to suck dick and he named him, "VERBAL".

Well, the rest is history.

The maintenance engineer died and Verbal fell back into the darkness. so sad. 

the end.


p.s. This post was created with the intention of being as asinine as possible.

Oh Verbal

The next time Verbal talks shit to you just make him remember he looks gay in angel wings.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm Down

Don't panic, it's not just you and your 400 GB of non-sexual scat porn on your PC causing The Shoutbox to not load. Sorry Scooter. Chatwing.com is offline at the moment across the board. It'll be back up when Mark Vaughn's crack team of space monkeys finishes re-coding the site.

And before you ask, Chatango isn't coming back as the main box. That ship has sailed for good.

Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Encourage A Stalker Without Even Trying...Or is She?

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and let me have it. I'm making another post here again so I suppose I'm not totally retired from blogging but rather part-time/semi-retired, or whatever you want to call it. Anyway...moving along, moving along. Let's do a Frenchmen tribute and start this post off right with a timeless classic intro as only Paquet could write it.

So I was sitting around and rubbing one out to the thought and anticipation of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier stripping down to their tighty whities at the always exciting and always way too homoerotic for straight tastes weigh-in's for their upcoming MMA fight (whenever that may be) when I noticed something for the 10,000th time on my Facebook timeline. You know me, I love me a good internet stalker story around the cam sites, and this one's a doozy if you've been paying attention on JTV and Facebook over the years. The most amazingly creepy 35 year old virgin, mama's basement boy on the interwebs stalking his favorite prey once more. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I give you...DUN DUN DUN...former JTV personal admin Curtisal/Gengar/MonsterGhost, a.k.a. Curtis Alumbaugh and Kami Winoami herself, Mariana Lee.

Or should I say Mariana L. Lee and Curtis C. Alumbaugh. Yeah gang, this pathetic white boy not only spends his time filling his timeline with non-stop Mariana videos and photoshops - seriously, that's literally all he posts from what I saw, go check it out for yourself at the last link - but also added a middle initial to his Facebook name the very moment he noticed his beloved did. How no one else has noticed or called out this crazy shit to my knowledge to this point baffles my brilliant, Seventology infused mind. When I say this dude, who by the way has done many personal favors in terms of unbanning channels on JTV for Miss Lee over the years if ya didn't know, probably has a shrine set up in his mom's basement filled with candles, hundreds of screencaps, and Kesha certified hair dye dedicated to Mariana, I don't think it's too far off the mark. Like something out of a teenage unrequited love movie, or a Vikki/Tommy Skype session. Pretty unsettling stuff when you start to peel back the layers.

But wait! There's more! It might be reasonable to say that Curtis has taken things this far because Mariana passive aggressively encourages his behavior. Curtis has been going off like this for years on her Facebook, posting multiple vids/pics of her every day and liking every single one of her posts (see also: Weeblez) but hasn't been blocked/unfriended/castrated yet by her. Hell, recently she even met this creep in real life! What the fucking fuck? Who meets their stalkers? And it's not like she isn't aware of his behavior. She has mentioned how obsessed he is with her in the past and how weird it is and yet here we are. Christ, that's about the equivalent of me meeting Haskel on the "Future Terminal Regret" scale. There's no coming back from that. Ever :(

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, maybe I'm not. Who knows. But one thing I do know is that those eyebrows on the boyfriend have got to go, dude. They're just....no....just no.

Probably shouldn't forget to post this as well. Prepare gang, this one's the dingleberry on top of the shit sundae.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Man sells everything he owns to travel the world.

Now, I'm not entirely sure Bong Rip will go that far, not having seen him broadcast live in weeks and I don't know whether Bong's decision to sell a lot of his shit is voluntary, good business practice or if he had some parental guidance (AKA a swift kick in the pants), but I do know fans and followers who can't be bothered going to Battlecam these days are twitching for a Bongy update and here it is (I swear Hui did not put me up to this):

Chop inspired by ZerOOO's black and white video captures - uh huh.
Lurking Battlecammers' Facebook pages, it appears the bloom has fallen off the rose for BC's #1 Broadcaster ...

... but he's still keen on drumming and promoting his punk rock band, so here are 3 more hits and no downloads to that link, a cover of Jenny (867-5309).
Full Blown Circle from Huntington Beach is a Surf Punk Metal band with Steve-O on lead Guitar and Vocal and Bong Rip on Drums and Music Producing

/Update and that's all she wrote. Play nice eh.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As Surfrat continued night number two + several other nights of his broadcast of the Ferguson Riots and holding the spot of the number one broadcaster on Vaughn, an inner riot broke out.  A declaration of war and whoredom developed in our fine community.  What I think happened was this, bare with me please I'm not good at this gossip shit. Apparently it started when Joe Walsh called Naughty, "a whore that fucks everyone on battlecam", Surf's response was a ban on Joe plus an onslaught of attacks on Slaya (possibly the NEW Mrs. Walsh, check photo below).  Joe Walsh came back at them tonight with his own onslaught of personal attacks on Surfrat (see video below). Anyhow it's caused all kinds of friction in the social media community and allegedly some looting has occurred.  "Pick A Side", seems to be the chant going across the two channels. On one side we have Joe Walsh and Slaya. On the other side we have Surfrat and Tommy Mothman.  

Choose which side you're on.

Coo Coo or Doo Doo or Foo Foo, you make the decision.

This activity is continuing as I write this story. Check out the links.

Surfrat's Channel

Joe Walsh's Channel

oh yeah, and there's even a real riot happening in the background of all this.

Charlie don't Surf,