Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Man sells everything he owns to travel the world.

Now, I'm not entirely sure Bong Rip will go that far, not having seen him broadcast live in weeks and I don't know whether Bong's decision to sell a lot of his shit is voluntary, good business practice or if he had some parental guidance (AKA a swift kick in the pants), but I do know fans and followers who can't be bothered going to Battlecam these days are twitching for a Bongy update and here it is (I swear Hui did not put me up to this):

Chop inspired by ZerOOO's black and white video captures - uh huh.
Lurking Battlecammers' Facebook pages, it appears the bloom has fallen off the rose for BC's #1 Broadcaster ...

... but he's still keen on drumming and promoting his punk rock band, so here are 3 more hits and no downloads to that link, a cover of Jenny (867-5309).
Full Blown Circle from Huntington Beach is a Surf Punk Metal band with Steve-O on lead Guitar and Vocal and Bong Rip on Drums and Music Producing

/Update and that's all she wrote. Play nice eh.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As Surfrat continued night number two + several other nights of his broadcast of the Ferguson Riots and holding the spot of the number one broadcaster on Vaughn, an inner riot broke out.  A declaration of war and whoredom developed in our fine community.  What I think happened was this, bare with me please I'm not good at this gossip shit. Apparently it started when Joe Walsh called Naughty, "a whore that fucks everyone on battlecam", Surf's response was a ban on Joe plus an onslaught of attacks on Slaya (possibly the NEW Mrs. Walsh, check photo below).  Joe Walsh came back at them tonight with his own onslaught of personal attacks on Surfrat (see video below). Anyhow it's caused all kinds of friction in the social media community and allegedly some looting has occurred.  "Pick A Side", seems to be the chant going across the two channels. On one side we have Joe Walsh and Slaya. On the other side we have Surfrat and Tommy Mothman.  

Choose which side you're on.

Coo Coo or Doo Doo or Foo Foo, you make the decision.

This activity is continuing as I write this story. Check out the links.

Surfrat's Channel

Joe Walsh's Channel

oh yeah, and there's even a real riot happening in the background of all this.

Charlie don't Surf,


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chubby Chasing Chunky Monkey

This is a well known golf cart riding lothario in Florida retirement communities, OGMike...

This is the bewitching muse of EastCoastVegas, Laggie...

And then there's this...

Don't anyone tell ECV now that he's back...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cream of Sum Yung Gai

A midget, a random black guy, a homeless wannabe actor, and a sushi chef preparing his fare on tables of young women all were part of the return of Real Justin's cooking show:

Kudos for Kolos

DJ Kolos playing a beautiful set. He's going to be spinning until dawn, so it might still be going on. If you don't catch him this time around make sure you do in the future.

Here's a Sample:

DJ Kolos Vaughn Page

DJ Kolos Facebook

Don't die with the music still in you,


The Best Show About 2008 is Back

EastCoastVegas emerged from hiatus on Vaughnlive shortly after the smoldering mass of JTV sank beneath the waves and quickly took the top of the top bar with Laggie jokes, jambi's, non-gay pictures with Kioken, customer service with Kaneesha, Frank Taylor check ins, and ironically songs about being the top cast on the top bar.

Last night's show brought more of the same from the JTV days; an awkward show start on Streamup until Mark came on to get him, prank calls to Mexicans, and interactions with other casters including a past JTV'er herself Mariana who got the joke, and a newer caster and an apparently unhappy housewife named Shortylocs who didn't:

Well, at least she had the top cast for a little while...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's a Snapper.

"A particular type of pussy with good, strong, 
 muscle contraction that can grab on to you 
and give you a decent fuck" 
                                - George Carlin

The brilliant TOxic had a strong return home to Battlecam tonight. Once again, going inside the heads of people, few of us would even dare go near.  The night was filled with Hate, Jealousy, Laughter, Love and Tears as Justin poured his heart out to the Love of his life, Natasha

*Warning, video below contains a man purging. 

(Bobo don't cry)

keep those tears a rollin',


Tuesday, August 12, 2014