Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breakers.tv Brouhaha

Mark likely couldn't have imagined a drama filled community meeting in the heady days when Yawn captured BlogTV's sports card community, got a shout out on ESPN, and launched Breakers.tv.

But fast forward to last night:

Where Mark made a plaintive plea to stop involving himself and community leader Mrs. Scruffy (aka Mama Vaughn) in the various wheeling, dealing, scamming, and apparently harassment of other mens' wives involved in the exciting world of opening baseball cards. Looking alternatively to avoid law suits against Vaughnsoft as the technical intermediary for confidence games or perhaps looking to avoid legal outcomes that would result in losing the Scruffster's house and the CEO's sweet upstairs bachelor pad lead to a Vaughnlive style community meeting on Breakers.tv.

This, like all other attempts at laying down Vaughn law, immediately lead to questions and clarifications:

Discussion of additional problems with collecting cardboard:

Suggestions for improvement:

Bizarre and potentially racist baseball card analogies:

And the final word from Frau Scruffy:


Anonymous said...

Alki should hire mark Vaughn to program his site. mark makes low resolution servers lo0k 3D compared to alki pixilated lag smears tv that's total trash.

Anonymous said...

The next step will be naked case breaks. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Alki has never made a go of anything he has ever done. Search him. Everything he has done is obscure and something he financed in failure.

With that kind of wealth and for people to watch how he wastes it is one pitiful sight. He is a waste of air.

Jen has had so many plastic surgeries when that baby gets older Alki will sue her for having an ugly child.

Anonymous said...

holy shit mark looks like he hasn't left his mother's basement in YEARS. holy shit looking like a walking dead stunt body

Anonymous said...

I laughed right out loud reading this post. If even half of it is true, this is like ..... the greatest Christmas Gift ever.

Thank you Mr. MacGregor, and gob bless us every one.

T. Tim

Anonymous said...

Definitely lots of scamming and unethical competition.

I don't see much of interest in this post or screencaps tho.

Anonymous said...

mark has sex with his mom

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about Vaughnlive! Most boring broadcasters on the internets go there.

Anonymous said...

case breaks are for nerds. fucking pathetic hobby

Anonymous said...

Apparently Mark just had an operation. He really does look like shit.